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Aug 31st - Sept 4th


Dynamic Studios

273 Bernard Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 6N2



April 20th - May 22nd

Away April 2nd-17th

Method Tattoo Covid-19 Response Protocol 



-entry will ONLY be permitted with an appointment, which can be made the day of.

-1 client per tattoo artist may be in the building at a time. (2 clients max) 

- clients and staff will do their best to stay 2 meters a part until tattoo procedures begin.

-sanitizer will be provided at the door, which must be used upon every entry.

- clients are not to touch any shelves, desks, counters, equipment unnecessarily.

-a disinfected, sealed bin will be at the door for all personal items.

-clients and artists are not to shake hands, hug or make unnecessary contact.

-no friends and family allowed to accompany clients. 

- clients must bring their own drinks/cups/bottles, as none will be provided. (Water refills are available)

-clients must remain outside until scheduled appointment.

-consultations will be held over phone, text, email, or video chat only.  

-clients are required to wear a mask during their time spent in the facility.  Clients may bring their own.  Masks must cover both mouth and nose.

-clients are not to make any bookings if they are sick.  We have the right to refuse service to anyone showing ANY signs of sickness.

- clients are to reschedule appointments upon showing ANY signs or symptoms of any sickness, without penalty.

-appointments can be rescheduled last minute (within 24 hours) without penalty if clients  are experiencing signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or any sickness.  ONE TIME ONLY.

- clients may not make an appointment if anyone in their household have been in contact with, or are suspected/diagnosed with covid-19.

- if a client has traveled outside of BC or Canada, minimum 14 days is required between date of return and appointment.

-clients will have their temperature taken before entering by an artist using a temp gun.

-clients will sign a waver that outlines these regulations regarding Covid-19



-additional disinfecting practices have been implemented.  Upon opening, between each client and after closing, we will be disinfecting all high touch areas:

-doors and door knobs 

-sinks and faucets






-personal items bin

-light switches



-all tattoo tools, equipment, and surfaces are covered with barriers and discarded immediately after use, and thoroughly disinfected using Cavicide, an intermediate grade disinfectant.  

-tattoo needles/cartridges, grips, ink cups, and tattoo gels are individually packed, pre-sterilized, one time use, disposable items.



-hands are washed immediately upon arrival to work.

-hands are washed or sanitized upon every re-entry

-hands are washed before every time they go to tattoo, or make contact with client (even when gloves are being put on)

-artists will space appointments with enough time in between to thoroughly disinfect all high touch areas, and bathrooms.

-hands are washed or sanitized after handling money without touching surfaces in between.

- artists will be wearing masks at all times during the entirety of an appointment, which may be changed regularly upon longer appointments.

- artists have the option of wearing sleeves during the tattooing procedure, which will be changed regularly upon longer appointments.


-we have completed our Covid-19 Response Protocol as per WorkSafe BC and have posted it on our website, our social media platforms, and have it printed in our facility. 

-cross contamination is taken very seriously in our shop and no gloves are re-used between touching any surfaces that may be carrying any potential risks.