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Larissa Long

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Growing up in Whistler Bc, the mountains and endless forests have always been a part of her life.  Now nature is one of her primary influences on her lifestyle, and her art work.

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David Baran

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    Dave grew up in the Fraser Valley, BC Canada.  Growing up he was always drawing, painting and creating. Working in the automotive industry he excelled in custom painting, airbrushing and pin striping.   Dave's desire to always progress, and learn new skills led him to buy a tattoo gun at the age of 17, where he began tattooing his friends and himself.  With his passion for art and tattooing, he decided to work for himself and created Method Tattoo in 2013, a creative outlet to express art.

    Dave's interests in philosophy and science greatly influence his art, and his way of life.  He limits himself to nothing, never fearing a challenge, and always pushing himself to advance.  His style crosses over through all of his art work from graphic novels to illustrations to tattoos.  Though he enjoys large scale pieces, his talent allows him to create anything.

Gab Giroux

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Gab brings a traditional style to Method Tattoo.  His work is bold, clean and brings something different to the table here in our shop.

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